Well, that pretty much describes this post. Hope you enjoy the pictures.



Two weeks ago I went to the Osaka Aquarium.  The Japanese name for the place (海遊館)is pronounced “kai-yu-kan,” and means  ‘ocean-play-place.’  Earlier that week I learned the word 痒い “kayui,” which means ‘itchy’ so naturally I couldn’t help calling it “kaiyui-kan”– ‘the itchy-place.’ We got a special deal which included a round trip ticket to Osaka on the Keihan Line, an all-day ticket for the Osaka subway and admission to the aquarium so we spent a couple of hours bumming around town.  We rode the big red ferris wheel in Umeda and ate some yummy tako-yaki (battered octopus balls) in Bentocho before heading to the aquarium.  Here are some pictures of jellyfish.