Nice Bike!

May 3, 2008

What do you do when gas is $5.50/gal (150円/l) and the streets are too narrow to drive an SUV? You get one of these babies. You’ve got the nice sturdy kickstand to keep the bike stable while you’re loading the three year old in the back, the two year old on the handlebars and the groceries in the front basket. And if it’s raining? No problem! Just open your umbrella and attach it to the umbrella mount and you’ll keep yourself, the two year old and the groceries relatively dry without sacrificing your maneuverability by holding the umbrella while steering with the other. The fenders keep your feet and the three year old’s backside from getting soaked with grimy water from the street, and for those especially dreary days or the late night run the the convenience store for diapers or ice cream just flip the generator switch and you’ve got a nice bright head light to illuminate the way. (By the way, people don’t wear helmets here.) Whereas the average SUV owner may consider installing an alarm system to deter theft, this model comes equipped with a rear wheel ring lock (which you can see just behind the rear brake) that is quite effective in warding off any would be thieves looking to make a quick yen or go for a joyride with the gang on a summery Saturday night.


One Response to “Nice Bike!”

  1. Nick Says:

    Bikers need to get out of my way and stay in parks where they belong

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