Ground Zero to 12395ft

September 15, 2007

And for those of you who don’t dig feet, that’s 3776 meters…

We meant to get some sleep on the train from Hiroshima to Mt. Fuji, but that didn’t happen. Too excited I guess. After a full day of trains, buses, and waiting at stations we started our climb to the top around 11pm. Even from the fifth station, the last point accessible by car, the temperature was already low enough to make you shiver if you stood around too long. I was amazed at the number of people there, especially foreigners! We seemed to have arrived at the same time as a group of loud American sorority types and their flamboyant metrosexual? hangers-on decked out in never used top’o’the line gear and glow stick necklaces. Luckily, they decided to try the sprinting method to summit the peak, so we didn’t have to hear their bubbly prattle for too long. We quickly got completely exhausted with the altitude and lack of sleep, and by 2am or so we were complete sludge creeping upwards one slow step after another. We finally found a nice soft rock and unrolled the sleeping bag for a short and icy nap. I think we slept a little too long, because we weren’t quite to the top by dawn, but I was really happy seeing it from where we were. There were literally thousands of people on the mountain and our vantage point was a little lonelier than at the top. The sleep deprivation really amplified the breathtaking beauty at dawn. We’d climbed the whole way at night (me with near dead batteries in my light) so we really couldn’t see anything other than the trail in front of us and the diminishing lights of a nearby town.


2 Responses to “Ground Zero to 12395ft”

  1. virgomonkey Says:

    You hate Americans? Aaaah bigotry. Lemme guess. You’re also a self-proclaimed peace-protesting liberal who believes in tolerance and equality too, huh?

  2. purple5567 Says:

    the pictures are breathtaking. I have always wanted to go to Japan, and you are vary luky to be living thare.

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