Kyoto #7

February 5, 2007

OK. This is seriously the last from my Kyoto trip. These photos are from my last two days in Kyoto.

Day 3

This is the Kyoto Budo Center, where Okamoto Sensei held her special end of the year class. It was an amazing building, and a great experience getting to practice here. In the group photo, Okamoto Sensei is the tallest of the Japanese women sitting up front.


This is a massive torii gate that is the official entrance of the Heian-Jingu shrine, which you can see in the second photo. The building to the left of the torii is the modern art museum, which much to my dismay was closed for fuyu yasumi or winter vacation.


This was the first decent cup of coffee I’ve had since I’ve been here. It was pure heaven. I was so excited I had to take a picture.


Day 4 – The main part of my day was a day trip to the villages of Kibune and Karuma to the north of Kyoto. I took a single car train to Kibune, the smaller of the two villages. From there I hiked over a steep ridge and through the Karuma-dera temple complex. Most people go the opposite way, starting in Karuma, but I took the recommendation of my guidebook and did the more strenuous hike and had a hot soak in the Karuma Onsen afterwards. This route also saved me a couple hundred yen, which is the entrance fee at the temple’s front gate. The area was really gorgeous with a smell and texture that reminded me of the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge. It was great being in the woods alone strolling along the path criss-crossed with roots and dotted with shrines.



Supper time!




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